El arte flamenco


April 7, 2020
La sonrisa de Samuel (Samuel’s smile)

Past Saturday I was lucky enough to meet Samuel. Her mom told me that she wasn’t ready for newborn photographs as soon as he came to this world, because he was born in winter and winter is not easy to manage for some of us. So I was ready to meet him after his first …

March 9, 2018
A portrait

What is a portrait? Is it ‘the truth’ about someone? Is it a lie? Does a portrait really have the power to show us someone’s soul? Does the ‘authentic’ portrait even exists? Can others ‘see’ the same I see, on a portrait I made of someone? Am I actually showing what I am intending to …

February 26, 2018

Hi! It’s great to be able to write here again. 🙂 I have been on holidays during the first weeks of this year. But I took advantage of that time away from home and dedicated it to study and learn many things from great photographers in their master classes online. One of the those professors/photographers, …

January 26, 2018
Mammola, Italy!

Hello, this is my first blog entry! I am excited because I have always tried to blog here, but could never write a blog entry good enough to be published. Or at least thats is how I felt many times. So, welcome to my blog! and I hope you like the photographs of Mammola, a …

January 24, 2018