La sonrisa de Samuel (Samuel’s smile)

March 9, 2018

Past Saturday I was lucky enough to meet Samuel.

Her mom told me that she wasn’t ready for newborn photographs as soon as he came to this world, because he was born in winter and winter is not easy to manage for some of us. So I was ready to meet him after his first three months in this world. I would say it was the perfect time to be able to capture his curiosity for the people around him, his consciousness of the love he inspires and the sweet way he replies and express how much he is able to give it back.

Samuel likes to look straight in the eyes of whoever gets close to him, he feels amazed by the smile of his mom and reacts with such attention at her sweet voice. Also, when he feels in his tiny hand the touch of his dad’s hand he looks at him with sparkling eyes. Just lovely to watch.


Being able to photograph not only Samuel, but also his family, including two of his grandparents, made me understand why Samuel reacts that positively and in the purest way to any show of affection from people around him. It’s because he is growing surrounded by loving, kind people that would do anything for the family and for him, to make him happy, to see him smiling and safe.

I really loved working with this openly kind family, thank you for letting me be part of this experience!



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