January 26, 2018


It’s great to be able to write here again. 🙂

I have been on holidays during the first weeks of this year. But I took advantage of that time away from home and dedicated it to study and learn many things from great photographers in their master classes online.

One of the those professors/photographers, suggested the students should find their WHY in their work. And after pausing the video and thinking for a while, I discovered that what passionates me the most about photography and writing is the way that it allows me to document and tell a story.

A story of what is actually happening in the life of a person, and it becomes part of their history in this world. The story of a family, an important event or the story of an entire community, in a specific moment. That is what historical events are built of: little moments taking part one at a  time.

It happens that I am constantly searching for what I like to call “my Ikigai” (A Japanese concept that means “A reason to be”) which is not easy. And that day, thinking about my “WHY” (what the professor suggested, which ends up being almost the same) I started searching in my early years, searching for the origins of why I started writing or taking photographs. I remember I was always passionated about photojournalism, history and story telling. On the other hand I remember that since I was a child I wanted to help. To help animals, to help elders, to help others to find a reason to smile. But as it’s well known, we grow and we stop thinking that we can (or we are supposed to) change the world and, at some point, I started to believe my help wasn’t always wanted. And that is, probably, where I lost my reason and my Ikigai.

Now thinking back, I find a point in common between caring for people and telling stories.  I realize that the most wonderful sensation I ever had (besides being with my brothers) and I can ever have, is when something I create has the ability to grow emotions into people: a thought, a smile, some saudade, joy, tenderness, nostalgia, anything. If I am able to make people feel something with the art I create, call it literature or essay writing or photography, I can breath deep and say: mission accomplished. I can say I am at my happiest.

And definitely I am willing to pursuit to have that feeling with everything I do from now on: my website, my photographs, my relation with clients.

I want to be able to document life around them and I want them to look at these photographs many years from now and still smile. Realize how happy they were in this exact moment of their lives, with the excitement of a new love, the look in the eyes of an old pet with very strong ties, or remember how they overcame any difficult moment with love and hope or how they simply passed thru everything treasuring their family and the happiness of their children as the most important thing in the world.

Many little beautiful things happen while babies are growing and sometimes it goes so fast that we don’t have time enough to enjoy their wonderful beings. Or sometimes we just wish we could turn back time to hold them again in our arms and feel their tiny hands on our face or poking our facial beauty mark (yes, my baby brother used to do so). To turn back time is impossible, but we can always look at photographs and, through them, help our memory bring us back entirely, with our soul and tears to those beautiful and irreplaceable moments. That is, in my opinion, what portraits and family photos are for.

If what I said/wrote touches something inside you, maybe you are as sensitive to memories as I am! and I will take the liberty to say that whenever you feel you need to document a particular moment in your life, please don’t hesitate on contacting me. I will be happy to be your witness and to capture your unique story.

Until my next post!

El arte flamenco
A portrait

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